About Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership

What does the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership do for Children and Young People?

Every young person has a right to be safe and Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) work with lots of different organisations including police, fire, health, schools and social workers, to make sure that they are all working together and doing what they can to keep children and young people safe from any type of harm or neglect. We want Suffolk to be a safe place for children and young people to grow up.

All adults have a responsibility to protect children and young people and the agencies that work with the SSP are called our Partners. The SSP has an Independent Chair called Anthony Douglas, who asks these different Partners lots of questions to make sure they are doing all that they can to keep children in Suffolk safe.

Safeguarding is essentially just another way of saying ‘keeping children and young people safe’ and wherever they are and whatever they are doing, whether at home, at school or online, young people have the right to to feel safe and happy, be healthy, have an education and a home and grow up safe from people hurting them or failing to ensure that they are cared for.


The Government have produced a guide especially for young people to explain what different professionals such as 
teachers, doctors, school nurses, health visitors, social workers and other organisations working with you and your family, should be doing to improve your life and to keep you safe from abuse and neglect.


The Government have also produced another guide especially for young people about child abuse and neglect; what it is, what rights you have as a young person, what you should do if you think you are being abused and what professionals who work with young people should be doing to keep them safe.