Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership Inclusion Strategy

The Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) is committed to helping people in Suffolk understand what we mean by ‘safeguarding’. It means preventing abuse or neglect, as far as that can be done. In our work as a Partnership, we will help people to understand in plain language how the safeguarding system works and how people can seek help for themselves or for someone else. Our aim is to make it as easy to understand as how you phone police, see your GP or go to the local supermarket. An example of current confusion we need to improve upon is whether a concern about the care someone is receiving warrants making a safeguarding referral or whether it is a concern about the quality of care which is handled in a different way . As part of the action plan for this Inclusion Strategy, we will make issues like this much clearer for people using services, their representatives and for professionals, who themselves are often unclear. 

Read the latest version of the SSP's Inclusion Strategy :